rentatrip1 Vor 4 Monate
not interested in Big Bang , because all the actors are flaming queer ass BUTT PHOQUED deviates
Adriana Molano Jimenez
Adriana Molano Jimenez Vor 5 Monate
Thank you!!
Vampirediarieslover Vor 9 Monate
who wants to rpg?
Kasin Keith
Kasin Keith Vor 10 Monate
When is it going to come back on.
Daniel Doherty
Daniel Doherty Vor 10 Monate
when is it coming back on ?
scott v
scott v Vor 11 Monate
when will they come back on tv
Jim Estes
Jim Estes Vor 11 Monate
I heard that they will aired on April 4th 2018 ,has anyone eles hear anything ?
Jim Estes
Jim Estes Vor year
why not lets us fans know when season 6 will start
Tammy Jones
Tammy Jones Vor year
Looking for more recent videos. Will check back again. Trapper, keep getting better:) (I have a crush on Willy, but don't tell him, I think he's married and that would show disrespect) :D lol
scott v
scott v Vor year
when is season 6 coming out.
Mindless TV
Mindless TV Vor year
im wondering the same thing
zack bennet
zack bennet Vor year
I also think your channel is realy awesome I also haven't missed an episode and im 11 and spooky but also crazy and fun to watch
miester rhovanion
miester rhovanion Vor year
i dont see any pictures of any monsters... ya goofy hillbillies
Colby Charanza
Colby Charanza Vor year
i love yallss show its cool and exciting
Bennn Vor year
John Haynes
John Haynes Vor year
I think your channel and your show is awesome and proves bigfoot exist
John Haynes
John Haynes Vor year
when are yall gonna have new episodes I aint seen them In months
Mr Arezzo
Mr Arezzo Vor 2 years
When are yall going to give hell to C-Quad again?
TheDragon 208642
TheDragon 208642 Vor 2 years
when will mountain monster season 5 come out
Guahan Gamer
Guahan Gamer Vor 2 years
october wat????!!!
Ronnie Hobbs
Ronnie Hobbs Vor 2 years
where are the vids
Fry 6
Fry 6 Vor 2 years
witch one of the aims team members are putting these videos on?
devildog452 Vor 2 years
Is everything ok over there?
ricky Kraus
ricky Kraus Vor 2 years
havent missed an episode since season 1 episode 1
Typical Gamer fan
Typical Gamer fan Vor 2 years
me to i think your channel is rely rely awesome
XZombie_SlayerX Vor 2 years
hi guys i think ur channel is awesome and the show is super cool