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We at Vehicle Virgins are die hard car guys just like all of you. We seek to provide the most informative, relatable, funny automotive videos and reviews we can every day of the week. No matter what you drive, if you have a passion for cars or want to learn more about the amazing automotive community, join us for a hell of a ride!

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georgia home boyy
georgia home boyy Vor 4 Tage
nice color combo.
Bvalenciaga Papi
Bvalenciaga Papi Vor 11 Tage
Nobody noticed him running the stop sign?
Random Videos
Random Videos Vor 13 Tage
“Hello perius”
modelllichtsysteme Vor 14 Tage
no offense, but lose your virginity first and then you understand the real world of the G63 AMG. hahaha
trevor ward
trevor ward Vor 18 Tage
Didn't even knock his boots off
Rochester Stewart
Rochester Stewart Vor 18 Tage
We know we shouldn't take his advice, from the moment he said "this is the opposite of the prius".
James Ritchie
James Ritchie Vor 21 Tag
Range Rover way better!
James Ritchie
James Ritchie Vor 21 Tag
Comes standard with a Range Rover but with tacky German styling
Joseph todd
Joseph todd Vor 28 Tage
Good honest review
Justin Johnson
Justin Johnson Vor Monat
For real? This luxury SUV Wagon struggles in harsh weather and its LITERALLY A STANDARD UTILITY VEHICLE WITH 4 WHEEL DRIVE.
Yaq Vor Monat
you can gift it to me
Petercokes Francis
Petercokes Francis Vor 2 Monate
Why will you use a military truck as a suv
James Graham
James Graham Vor 2 Monate
The G63 drives terrible, but it's still my favorite car in the stable.
Error: Name has been coded.
Error: Name has been coded. Vor 2 Monate
Me at 3:46 damn those GTA V prologue graphics are good lets wait till Trevor, Michael and Brad get in.
Vitosky 21
Vitosky 21 Vor 2 Monate
Лол this is a g wagon something that russians mafia like
adan games
adan games Vor 2 Monate
The vast majority of people who buy this vehicle clearly are buying it for status signaling. What they don’t realize until it’s too late is that they actually look maybe even more foolish than the same type of people who bought the Hummer H2. This is clearly a much better built vehicle than the H2 but no more practical for the majority of people who buy this monstrosity. The professional auto buying reviews on this thing are deserving brutal, considering it’s ridiculous price. And yes the handling is very bad on the streets.
roryarg Vor 3 Monate
Is that an Austrian accent I hear?
Mass Fortnite Clan
Mass Fortnite Clan Vor 3 Monate
Then give it to me! I’ll gladly take it!
Bob Bender
Bob Bender Vor 3 Monate
After watching this I think I will stay with my Range Rover.
Basel Muaket
Basel Muaket Vor 3 Monate
Then why you bought it...
Rencimenci 1945
Rencimenci 1945 Vor 3 Monate
Te fasz ez legalabb nem müanyag autó mint a többi te fasszoppó😃
FlossOrDie Vor 3 Monate
Nadya Valji
Nadya Valji Vor 3 Monate
Really ? You think this Mercedes is bad to drive ? Nothing looks bad about this Mercedes . It is so beautiful and gorgeous that I want one when I grow up
46Rambo Vor 3 Monate
my dog loves mine, Carhartt seat covers, glued a piece of carpet to the dash to keep the glare down. pie pan with sterno on it keeps the back seat warm. I put coil over shocks and D O T beadlock hutchinsons and actually got it aligned and the tires balanced, it stears like a Porsche which is important to my dog on the backroads of the ranch. you poser
Connor Soutdarany
Connor Soutdarany Vor 3 Monate
That’s my dream car in the future. How dare he talks bad about my car like that!!!
JAZZ MAN Vor 3 Monate
“The steering seems to drift” Well maybe you’ll keep both of your hands on the steering wheel for a change. I’m sick of seeing people driving on videos with no hands on the wheel. It’s as bad as texting while driving.
JAZZ MAN Vor 3 Monate
That’s not an emergency break! That’s a parking break. The emergency break is next to the accelerator pedal.
Charlie Moore
Charlie Moore Vor 4 Monate
Does it have apple CarPlay?
Nick Kritikakos
Nick Kritikakos Vor 4 Monate
So many butthurt G Wagon owners...
E I i t e
E I i t e Vor 4 Monate
I prefer BMW 🇩🇪
Dominic Matthews
Dominic Matthews Vor 4 Monate
if you're looking to purchase a 2017 Mercedes Benz G500 contact me at for more details 30k Off original price
Will M
Will M Vor 4 Monate
That sounds nothing like a bolt action rifle lol.
iGreK Vor 4 Monate
i don't like this car. it is to boxy, uncomfortable, and much more... If I had to choose, I would choose an SQ7 or Q8 man. 4Matic is good? then you didn't heard about quattro. Mercedes is all about comfort.
Brent H
Brent H Vor 4 Monate
Worst, informed review ever ??? Certainly a contender !
Anthony San Lorenzo
Anthony San Lorenzo Vor 4 Monate
idk what bolt action rifles or vaults you been around😂
DerLeo Vor 4 Monate
okay haha
Jakes Stoltz
Jakes Stoltz Vor 4 Monate
Door locks sound like a bolt action rifle?
1topgorgon Vor 4 Monate
I hate that navi system looks like a cheap tablet crazy glued to the dash
The Tight Films Vlog
The Tight Films Vlog Vor 5 Monate
BialyOrzel777 Vor 5 Monate
Looks like a jeep Wrangler with benz badge and big engine ... Dont kid yourself .. open your eyes and take close a comparison...
Darrell Myers
Darrell Myers Vor 5 Monate
I own 3 currently and i have owned 7, i found the vehicle very versatile i have 2 lifted and 1 lowerd. I love my g wagon
Robin Vor 5 Monate
This car is no SUV
Ericson Javier
Ericson Javier Vor 5 Monate
you're expecting a driving experience similar to driving a sports car, but you are driving a truck...stop griping...
fazjewls14 Vor 5 Monate
Who hired this guy to review. This guy knows nothing about this G glass. All he did was read the manual. A Dodge Ram drives hard not this G glass. Hope he gets replace. 👎
Muneeb Ahmed
Muneeb Ahmed Vor 5 Monate
G63 beast
Tony Richengod
Tony Richengod Vor 5 Monate
Such a Debbie Downer this guy
Hey bro all your videos are awesome. Why dont you put a video on Rolls-Royce
Mehreen Khalid
Mehreen Khalid Vor 6 Monate
Love your review
Corbin Jacome
Corbin Jacome Vor 6 Monate
Hahaha you're effin hilarious!
Jose Zendejas
Jose Zendejas Vor 7 Monate
I see your problem.... it takes a real man to handle this car.
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